Our Founder and CEO

Meet our visionary founders, whose passion and dedication laid the foundation for our success story. Their legacy continues to inspire us as we strive for excellence in the world of fashion.

Mr.Ammasaiappan Founder
Mr. M. Ammasaiappan

Mr.M. Ammasaiappan, a visionary entrepreneur, embarked on his journey in the inland market, where he established a thriving domestic brand specializing in intimate wear. His relentless dedication and strategic acumen propelled his business to exponential growth, leading to the expansion of his market reach beyond borders. Today, his products are revered not only domestically but also internationally, with exports spanning across various countries. Mr.M. Ammasaiappan's legacy includes not just his business achievements but also his inspirational entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Mr. A Kondasamy
Mr.A Kondasamy
Managing Director

Mr.A Kondasamy, who is the Managing Director of the garment manufacturing firm established by his father, Mr.M. Ammasaiappan, smoothly took over the leadership role. He upholds his father's legacy, overseeing operations and spearheading exports, with a focus on quality and innovation. Mr.A Kondasamy's commitment to excellence has driven the company's global success, maintaining its reputation. His strategic vision has expanded the firm's reach and influence, ensuring its competitive edge. Dedicated to upholding high standards, he ensures every aspect reflects the founder's values. His leadership has not only preserved but also enhanced the company's legacy, guaranteeing continued success.

Company Profile

We stay up to the trend and have an extensive range of collections catering to men, women, children, and infants. Our extensive fabric variety includes single jersey rib, derby rib, interlock, waffle, structured fabric, mini jacquard, jacquard, 100% cotton, as well as 2-thread and 3-thread fleece. We work with a wide array of compositions such as 100% cotton, poly-cotton blends, viscose, poly-viscose, linen, linen-cotton, recycled fabric, o.e., and a lot more. One million garments are manufactured every month without compromising the quality and variety.

Our Vision

Aviram's Vision: Empowering global fashion, enriching lives through sustainable innovation and ethical practices. We aim to revolutionize garment manufacturing and inspire positive change, fostering a conscious and fashionable lifestyle worldwide.

Our vission
Our mission

Our Mission

At Aviram, our mission is to deliver superior quality garments with integrity and sustainability. We foster enduring client partnerships, promote innovation, and prioritize employee well-being. Embracing our corporate social responsibility, we contribute to education and sustainable energy solutions. Together, we envision a brighter future, inspiring positive change worldwide.

Corporate Care

At Aviram, sound ethics are woven into all aspects of the company, including human resource management, product design, supply chain management, and social welfare programs.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce interdum justo vel lacus tristique, et ullamcorper turpis imperdiet. Sed vestibulum massa ac diam feugiat, nec rhoncus arcu congue.

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Commitment to Quality

Our comprehensive vertical integration in the manufacturing process enables us to tailor products according to each client's unique specifications, ensuring dependable quality assurance while remaining cost-efficient. Quality is controlled at every stage of production by conducting systematic testing. Our achievements are a direct outcome of our dedication to exceptional product quality, punctual delivery, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of our valued workforce.

Our Clientele

With a rich history spanning three generations, we take pride in our long-standing partnership with Migros in Switzerland which continues to be one of our esteemed clients. Some of our acclaimed clientele including renowned brands are mentioned below for your reference.

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