At Aviram Knitters, we undertake the complex process of finishing with utmost ease and convenience; thanks to expert professionals and world-class machines that help us in the process.

Quality Checking

Once the garments are manufactured, our expert professionals will conduct thorough checking, ensuring that the quality of the apparels is satisfactory and conforms to the latest international fashion standards.


After the quality checking process, the verified and approved apparels are sent from steam-ironing to make them absolutely wrinkle-free and visually appealing. We use state-of-the-art steam ironing machines, complemented with manual labor to handle bulk garments at a time.


We have an extensive team of skilled workforce in the packing process. The well-ironed garments are neatly packed with acute precision and care, tagging the same, and sorting out for shipping. The packing process involves expertise of skilled workforce and advanced equipments to retain the quality and freshness of the garments.